Garderobe Dubai Fashion & Beauty Photoshoot

No one likes waking up at 9am on a Saturday morning, but in this case I guess I didn’t mind so much. I guess…No, but seriously, we had a fun day ahead of us — we were headed to Garderobe to dress up a Dubai fashionistas for a photoshoot. Garderobe is a designer vintage-esque pre-loved clothing boutique on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. I say “vintage-esque” because it’s a mix of clothes that stretch as far back as the days when your father was courting your mother to last season’s hardly-worn pieces discarded by Dubai’s debutantes. That meant there were many, many discoveries to be made on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

My brand was doing the makeup so we had artists from our stores join us, along with a hair stylist from a sister brand of ours. About 10 bloggers showed up throughout the day. It really felt like a girls day out — much like the blogger event I hosted in March, where 10 bloggers showed up for a day on the Palm to get their hair, makeup and nails done while playing charades and treasure hunting around the 5 bedroom waterfront home we’d rented. Obviously one of my favourite things in the world is spending the day with a bunch of girls.

I got to know a little bit about most of the bloggers that day. Each one who took the makeup chair was forced to chat with me. Muahaha…I felt like I was taking advantage of them while they were taken victim by our makeup brushes but I tried to give them their breathing space. We talked about everything — the girls’ ambitions, the next steps in revamping their blogs and vintage shopping in Melbourne vs. London and Paris.

I could comfortably say that I got an idea of each girl’s personality with each makeover. There were a few bloggers I was careful with at first — some were more well-known than others, and there’s always the danger of them being stuck up (though none of them were), while some were newer to the scene and still building their names. I think a several are weary of PR execs and are used to being harassed by major brands to do a lot of work for free, or just simply been sucked up to for coverage. The reason I’ve always preferred small, intimate meetings with bloggers and media — whether it’s in a group atmosphere or one-on-one (my favourite) is because I actually, truly want to get to know the person I’ll be working with. If we can be friends, awesome – let’s talk about our broken hearts and lament over our bank accounts. If not, then let me get to know your goals so I can provide you with the products and brand insight that will help your blog. By the time each girl chose her outfit from the multicolored Garderobe racks, they’d all transformed into different versions of themselves: one was a 70s Austin Powers disco queen in neon heels, tangerine lips and wacky on-camera antics, while another was an elegant heiress in the making who posed confidently around the store, owning the space. The vintage clothing allowed each girl to take on different eras and personas – the 20s with a flapper skirt and a shock of pink lips, the 90s with high top Dior sneakers and earthy makeup, and petite, simple timelessness in a black shift and classic smokey eyes. All in all I got to meet a lot of cool girls yesterday and they reminded me of how much I used to enjoy this blogging business! I mean, does it get any more fun than putting together your own outfits and jumping in front of a camera?!

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  1. Gret Post. I love vintage shops this is a great one

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