whiling away the hours: DesignTaxi and WGSN


I’ve spent a good chunk of this evening reading magazines and my Twitter feed interchangeably. We get stacks of subscriptions at work each month and I make an effort to go through at least a few of them. Seriously, it’s not easy keeping up with everything in beauty and fashion in magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia while paying attention to predictions and insider news from trade mags like Women’s Wear Daily and sites like WGSN. But a girl’s gotta try..

When I got an online subscription to WGSN I was admittedly obsessed. Very little ‘work’ got done in those first few days, though I considered it all research — I devoured the 2012 autumn winter beauty trends, 2013 colors and catwalk makeup tricks. WGSN collects all its information from the streets, the runways and behind the scenes in fashion houses. What a phenomenal resource for fashion, beauty and in-depth trend analysis!


The piles of magazines on my desks tend to compete with my email subscriptions from WGSN, Fashionista, WWD and others, which as usual brings me back to my internal battle between the digital and the palpable. Yesterday at the media summit there was so much emphasis on screens and tablets. I tweeted that Microsoft was testing a keyless piano, which freaked me out. It bothers me that I now read far more on my iPhone, from articles to full length novels, than I do in paper format. Yet here I am flipping through magazines and gravitating towards my Twitter feed where the likes of DesignTaxi tempt me away from the not-so-sticky pages of Wallpaper*.

DesignTaxi is a site that shares all sorts of innovative design and media-related inventions and ideas from around the world. This week alone they’ve tempted me twice, first with this piece about making love for the sake of art and then tonight with these free books with fake covers. The humourous covers were part of a marketing campaign led by Sam Wellers bookstores. The campaign was meant to encourage people to read books…but they just provide me with more geeky book quotes to share on my instagram.

I started getting into the idea of parodying and reinventing book covers a few months ago when I first came across Harland Miller’s work via the London Chatter’s instagram. The first piece to attract me was this one that states “I am the one I am waiting for,” which feeds my [reluctant] hopeless romanticism in some unexplainable way.

I don’t know which book that one is meant to mock but I think these others are also very funny. I would like to learn more about Miller and his work but I haven’t found a lot about him online. I’m thinking of doing my own series for home decor or getting his stuff printed on 5x7s to fill up the never ending white space that is my living room.


And there we have it. I now sit having absorbed more from the online world than from the stack of magazines at hand.

FYI it was no fluke that the magazine covers on my header feature Anne Hathaway and our favorite Bossypants Tina Fey…two of my fav ladies who know how to bring it to the big screen and the TV screen..

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