three songs 2012 made me move to: azealia banks “212”, hot chip “flutes” and holy ghost “it gets dark”

Each time I hear one or all of these songs I feel compelled to share the wealth with the world. Many have already heard some of these tracks, but not everyone has heard ALL of them. These beats are good for getting yourself moving. You may prefer one track for dancing in your bedroom after cleaning it up, and another for your pre-party warm up and so on. Here’s how I suggest you use them:P

Azealia Banks, 212

I know this track came out at the end of 2011 and I was a little late on the bandwagon. I think I might have “mis-Googled” Azealia Banks when I was first told about her at the end of 2011. The “Azealia” track I heard was soulful and boring. When I heard 212 in 2012, I was like….what…da…..and suddenly it was on repeat. And my feet were tapping under my desk. And my friends have since been dealing with me spitting mid-sentence “that’s the 212..” ..I think if you need to get revved up, or if you’re super angry at anyone, this song will get you going. I’ve also started using it to close off my runs. You know, that last 4-mins before the cool down where you expend all your energy to see how much you’ve got left? Yea, pump this song at that point and try to keep up. Meanwhile, check out this video — my immediate reaction is to applause her cocky long as she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan or start brushing her teeth with whiskey a la Ke$ha. I see a lot of potential for that in her video “licorice” which I don’t even want to link to because it’s such an injustice to women in entertainment.

Here you go: Azealia Banks “212”

Best uses: workout warm up or pre-cooldown during cardio; before heading out for a big party night; when you’re really pissed off at a co-worker who you can’t lash out on ’cause you’ll probably lose your job

Hot Chip, Flutes

It surprises me that this song didn’t take off and make Hot Chip a household name. Sometimes I still mention this band to people and receive blank stares. At this point they’ve produced enough catchy music for radio and underground that everyone should know about them. This song, however, tops the cake. It’s cemented Hot Chip as a band I can depend on for at least a few good tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’ve reached LCD Soundsystem status yet. But this track sounds like it’s taken a lot of thought and effort. There has to be a story behind it. In fact, Flutes is one of the few songs I’d call “epic,” but if you listen to it you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s in the momentum. It’s in the creamy voice of Alexis Taylor. It’s the way the song builds, holds, climaxes and continues at the same height.

Le track: Hot Chip, “Flutes”

Best Uses: mid-cardio; when cracking away at something engrossing — like a creative project or coding, if I was a coder; while getting naughty with a lover; on a dancefloor or in your bedroom which you’ve temporarily converted into a dancefloor

Holy Ghost, It Gets Dark

Now here’s a track that starts off with a swagger. You can envision it on the soundtrack of a cops and robbers film, or before a character in American Horror Story walks into the haunted basement in season 1. And though the chorus doesn’t go wild, and the song never really peaks, it’s got a consistent suspense thanks to an eerie hook that repeats itself. It’s a simple song but that hook carries it. It has an element of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to it, maybe because of that haunting air it carriers. I also keep hearing electronic songs with excessive synths and overproduction. Holy Ghost, and “It Gets Dark,” are a welcome change from that. I think this song is not exactly something you can dance to in a group atmosphere but I do think you can get into it if you’re on your own.

Holy Ghost, “It Gets Dark”

Best Uses: long walks on your own with just your headphones on, cool-down from cardio or mid-stride during a night run…when you don’t know what might be lurking behind the next corner, and while cooking or something.

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