my guilty pleasure – Tove Lo and her Habits

“I eat my dinner in my bathtub then i go to sex clubs watching freaky people getting it on/ if anything i’m restless, yeah i’ve been around and i’ve seen it all”

I want to hate her. I really do. This girl sounds like all the things that are wrong with Courtney Love and catchy about Britney Spears. I want to hate her the same way I wanted to hate Selena Gomez for making me run faster on the treadmill while singing along to “love you like a love song.” But Tove Lo’s Habits plays on repeat for me. So why do I feel so guilty about it?

At first, you want to think Tove Lo is just another teen singing about her antics, partying and going wild. The melody is formulaic and teases your better pop-loving sensibilities. It’s got studio quality production and is very prettily packaged, and I’m sure she’s got a lot of record label backup. But there is no glamour in this song, right down to the mascara-stained album cover. In the video, Tove’s eyes are streaked with mascara and she doesn’t exactly come off as a bombshell. Her lyrics and the buildup of the song are actually quite desperate and far from poppy. It’s overstimulated and blown out of proportion — the things she sings about are what you imagine Amy Winehouse was up to before she OD’d. And everybody is sorta curious about what was going on in that troubled world of Amy Winehouse. I don’t think enough artists do this with honesty. It’s always the same cleaned up sugarcoated lyrics.

I doubt she’s going to these sex clubs by herself, and I doubt she eats dinner in her bathtub everyday. But maybe she does. Maybe it’s still a vulnerable cry for help from some point in her life (call me insensitive but I have trouble believing artists on the rise need any help once they start making their ascent). And you know how I feel about vulnerability;)

So why do I feel guilty about it? because it’s sooo damn catchy. And it reminds me of 90s grunge when artists saw Nirvana and Hole and followed suit with this kind of sound. Not so much these days. I like it when people bare their souls in music, print and film. It simply doesn’t happen enough.

Le Track: Habits, Tove Lo

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