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I’ve been promising this for awhile and, though I don’t know if this will be a regular thing, I’ve finally compiled a playlist of music to give your next workout a real push, especially if you do intervals. I have a few key songs I’ve included in here– stuff I’ve been listening to for years that help my adrenaline rise and will likely do the same to you. Some of these songs also double as getting-ready-to-go-out tracks, so here goes.

As everyone should know by now, having a hardcore workout playlist can mean having fun while working out or spending the whole time counting down the minutes till you’re done. Honestly, if I’ve forgotten my earphones somewhere or if the music in a fitness class is lame, then I’m going to spend most of that one hour period wishing I was in bed with banana chips or a spoon and Haagen Daz. That’s why I put together this list  – to make sure you get some killer impact out of your next workout.

1)I’ve started it off with Death in Vegas, a set of DJs I’ve been listening to since the early 2000s when I first started obsessing over electronic music. They were a bit ahead of their time, with an electronic rock sound that crosses into gothic industrial. They’re known for dreamy fantasy tracks like “Girls” and “Aisha,” which present a morbid step into a murderer’s mind, if you’ve got the stomach for it. Hands Around My Throat won’t give you nightmares, though, and is a good way to start out or cool down your cardio.

2) To keep the momentum building, I’ve listed Tick of the Clock by the Chromatics, a track from one of my favourite soundtracks which I’ve mentioned here in my Drive film review. As someone else put it, this song is the sort that makes you wonder if you would survive solitary confinement for 2 weeks with this as the only thing playing.

3) I’ve put Ellie Goulding’s No Guns, No Horses (Just make love), a mix with Monsieur Adi & Daft Punk that I’ve always liked. This continues the consistent pacing into your workout.  If you’re running or biking then you’re still building up here, and this will keep things upbeat.

4) After that I’ve listed Seeya, the newest song from deadmau5, who I’ve previously stated is not really a DJ I follow closely. This song is kinda irresistible, though, and there are days where I listen to it back to back. Start your day with this song and definitely add it to your workout to keep things at a pitch.

5) Kiesza’s early 90s throwback Hideaway is next on my workout playlist. I’m so happy to see a west coast Canadian with a killer video that’s picked up more than 5 million views. Can you believe the whole choreographed dance video was filmed in one shot? That’s not easy…And the dance moves are straight out of In Living Color, so just keep that in mind while you’re on the treadmill.

6) Much like the Death in Vegas song, Metronomy’s new track Reservoir is fast-paced and will keep the speed of your workout consistent and upbeat. These two songs are both suited to a longer cardio session because there’s something about them that simmers rather than pumps things up for short highs.

7) It was hard to choose just one song from Swedish synthpop duo Niki & the Dove for my workout compilation, but I had to. The original of Somebody is a bit moody lyrically but stays upbeat, which might be the reason I like it. I also highly recommend checking out remixes of The Drummer, Mother Protect and Gentle Roar, all of which could alone make for an awesome workout.

8) You’ve probably reached the 45min point now and need to re-energize, especially if you have another 15mins to go. The opening instrumentals on Villa’s Beats of Love (Mylo Remix) are really solid and work well with the electronic layers.

9) I always find the 2nd half of a workout the hardest part. It’s way too easy to lower your intervals to walking speed or, if you run outdoors, take a few breaks. Yeah, I’m not that disciplined and after a half hour I tend to peter out. But this song, Sleep in the Park by Solange (Twin Shadow) remix, is like a Red Bull and will give you the boost you need to stick it out.

10) I don’t know where I came upon Indiana the Girl but she reminds me of a young Robyn with a hint of Lana del Rey and Tove Lo — you know, real tough-as-bones girls with a soft core. This version of Solo Dancing is remixed by Joe Goddard, who I’ve noticed likes the prolonged, slow and penetrating electronic that this track will bring to your cooldown.

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