music: 5 things that happen to me when I hear Roisin Murphy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I physically react to some of the music I hear. Roisin Murphy, best known as one-half of the duo that was Moloko, is responsible for doing this to me on many an occasion. That’s right, Roisin Murphy is a full-body experience.


So, like, what exactly happens?

-Silence. Everything else goes quiet and everything in the room disappears. All I hear is her voice filling up the room and my head. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to “In Sintesi.” It’s a throwback to Giorgio Moroder’s style in producing the score to Midnight Express.

-Blankness. It’s the equivalent to fainting or blacking out as the music takes over. I enter a trance. I snap back to reality when the song ends. This is especially true of the hypnotic track “Primitive,” about being an animal and letting another animal out of its cage. This sort of trance is heightened when accompanied by a full moon.

-Shivers. Certain songs of hers will send a shiver right down to my toes. It has something to do with her whispers. “Overpowered” does this.

-Teleportation. i’m teleported into a dark and smoky basement lounge with a single spotlight that casts a grainy shadow on a dance floor. that’s where my figure appears dressed in an all-white leotard, and I dance by myself, nay, I sway by myself.

-My feet get hot. They return to that time I was dancing around the sand at Blue Marlin Ibiza in Abu Dhabi where I was mid-sip and heard a voice crooning off in the distance from the speakers. It was a song I didn’t recognize but I just knew, it was Roisin. That song was “Flash of Light” with Luca & Brigante.


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