music: workout mix #2

So, obviously I haven’t posted a workout mix since the last time six months back. That my fitness regime has been nearly nonexistent is a fair assumption, save for a bootcamp over September/October and weekly volleyball sessions till November. Meanwhile I’ve also continued traveling throughout this year and find it difficult to keep a routine around something I don’t inherently enjoy outside of the listening to music part. I’ve now been in India for almost a month, have a trainer for the first time and have started jogging again.

please note: this is not my body

please note: this is not my body

Last night I considered running a marathon but several glasses of sangria later that idea was scrapped as was my liver. I will not allow my fitness plan to be sidelined by alcohol, however. I have a huge family wedding at the end of January and have started having nightmares about my aunties and uncles pinching my cheeks and discussing the idly-like puffiness of my round face. Perhaps making workout playlists will encourage me to get fit and eat better. Anyway, I have a better format for my future workout playlists, so let’s see if this also continues. I still need to find a site that lets me upload playlists for download so let me know if you, my millions of readers, have suggestions.

workout mix – 2 from catastrophia on 8tracks Radio.

So Rich, So Pretty (Mickey Avalon)
Ready to Start (Arcade Fire)
Paper Trails (Darkside)
Control (Broken Bells)
All Me (Drake/2Chainz)
The Wire (Tourist Remix – HAIM)
Disparate Youth (Santigold)
You Know You Like It (Dj Snake/Aluna George)
I Feel Better (Hot Chip)
Remain Nameless (Florence + The Machine)


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