Having worked in a range of media and editorial environments, there is only one thing that’s remained constant in my life. That is writing. My writing demands that I take on different voices, personalities and tones. I write to inform and engage, to pique people’s interests and often to stay on their minds.

On a personal level, I write to express myself and stay sane. There is no form of catharsis more potent than letting words tumble from the mind onto a blank page, and I’d be happy to tell you why over coffee or a hearty dinner. My personal writing shifts between short fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction, all inspired by a rampant imagination, firsthand observations, anecdotes and life experiences.

I’ve been blessed enough to incorporate this love of writing into every aspect of my career. Needless to say, there’s never been a dull moment. Local bands. Entrepreneurs. Food festivals. Fashion events. Spoken word artists. Sex and relationships. Local news. Social issues. Independent foreign films. Cosmetics and fragrances. Theatre productions. The smooth taste of craft beer. Farmers markets. Formula 1 racing. Luxury travel. You name it, I’ve written about it.

The editorial and broadcast worlds have introduced me to self-made businessmen and up and coming fashion designers. I’ve watched and reviewed unforgettable live shows in intimate settings, interviewed passionate independent musicians, hosted lively event reports for City7 News Dubai and written dynamic radio scripts for Dr. Laurie Betito on CJAD Montreal.

My perceptive writing and communicating style has allowed me to help represent films on Maoist-era Chinese labour camps, the effects of mining in El Salvador and Chile, several 2010 Toronto Film Festival Selections as well as a major Middle Eastern cosmetics and fragrance brand.

In this same thread of communicating on a variety of topics, I’ve gone on to write for and interact with audiences of independent projects and major brands. I’ve looked after social media communities, strategized with marketing teams and provided copy targeting socially conscious Canadians, adrenaline-fueled men, die hard foodies, film buffs and image conscious young women. What can I say, I’m a chameleon;)

Obviously, I like to keep busy. Along the way I also picked up a degree in Journalism from Montreal’s Concordia University (2007) and dabbled in some acting.

Credit: Greg Kieszkowski, White Light Studio