Since the age of three, Caroline has been gathering crowds to watch her childhood versions of the Lambada dance, moonwalk and even, at one point, her interpretations of Elvis—gyrating hip movements and a karate suit.

On Stage

So it was inevitable that she would end up onstage and on the set. Through her highschool years, she performed in plays such as Annie and Oliver Twist, eventually taking a lead role in her highschool’s submission to the Sears Theatre Festival. In her last year of highschool, she played Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A seed was planted, a chord was struck, and Caroline could not ignore the gnawing for more.

She attended her first audition outside of school on a whim, and won a part in No City Limits. An Arts York and Burning Passions Theatre production, the troupe of six youths toured the stages of Toronto performing vignettes on social issues over the summer of 2002.

The next year, in 2003, she began pursuing a degree in Journalism at Concordia University and continued her acting studies with a minor in theatre. After settling into the artistic haven that is Montreal, Caroline started performing in local Murder Mystery dinner theatre productions, feigning death over wine and a fine cut of steak. Over the next four years, she took part in staged readings on community and sociopolitical issues, Indian student association skits and took leading roles in several student and local short films.

On Set

During the summer of 2006, she joined the non-profit AIDS advocacy group Voices of Positive Women in creating a string of vignettes to be performed at the World AIDS Day events held in Toronto. Her heart-wrenching performance showed a young woman telling her best friend the difficult story of contracting HIV. The collective was chosen to perform alongside the band The Stills at a United Nations gala, while other shows took place at the World AIDS Day Global Village and selected Toronto theatres. That same summer, Caroline played the lead role of Geetha in a Tamil-Canadian independent feature film, Kaatradi (“Windmill,” in Tamil).

She finished her degree and minor in theatre in 2007, having completed several acting and theory courses. Upon returning to Toronto, she trained with acting for film coach Michael Caruana. She soon landed a supporting role as Mrs. Jayapal in the major Tamil blockbuster picture, Arasangam (“Government,” in Tamil), released internationally in May, 2008. Caroline’s next significant role was in the TV and web pilot In the Grid, released online in the winter of 2009. Around the same time, she was chosen as the lead actress in Justin Nozuka’s music video for his song Golden Train. Directed by The NE’s Cazhhmere, the video is seen globally on MuchMusic, MTV and VH1.

Caroline continues her training in acting and is eager to take on new projects highlighting her complexity of emotions, comedic relief and vivacious presence onscreen and onstage.