personal: how quickly things change


Hello! I wanted to write today, which is about a year since my last post, only because it’s been a year and I’m just getting back to non-corporate, non-logistical, non-email writing now. That’s pretty much what most of my writing has been about over the past year.

So let me update you, in an organized, point-form fashion so you don’t get lost in the ever-so-interesting life-changing minutiae of my year: Continue reading

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update: love, love and more love

I don’t mean to talk about love so much these days, but somehow it keeps coming up. I kinda swore off it when I was 14 and read one too many love novels. At the time my grandmother was in the habit of carting back a suitcase of Mills & Boons books for me with each trip to India, and I’d finished the books my aunts buried in the bottom of their drawers, the sorts with covers you strategically place your hands over when people enter the room. My idol Betty was still chasing Archie and I still hadn’t had my first kiss let alone gone on my first date, so love had become more like a tease than anything else. I remember reading Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables at 15, a novel about a young woman and the convict who protected her. I was so upset when, about 3/4 of the way into the book, an unnecessary love affair came out of nowhere and the whole storyline shifted drastically. Not this topic again, I muttered.


Yes, talks of romance definitely piqued my appetite for love, because I wrote about it extensively in my teenage diaries and had tons of crushes of the classroom and celebrity persuasion, and to this day most of my songwriting and poetry surrounds love. At one point in my early 20s I even wrote a song about a love interest and how characters in books completely skewed my expectations of love. Not much has changed – I still don’t like reading about love affairs that are far from reality and I really don’t watch romantic comedies much. Yet, maybe because February, the month of love, has just passed and maybe because my own romantic life has brought me so much pleasure in the past year, I’ve been venturing more into the topic.

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travel: never marry a guy until you travel with him

even if you don't marry him, at least you brought along someone who can take photos of you

even if you don’t marry him, at least you brought along someone to take photos of you

“Never marry a guy until you travel with him” is a piece I wrote for Byond.Travel, a new experiential travel site I do content consulting with and which happens to be owned by someone I know:D I’ve since cross-published it on I also discovered that Bill Murray shared similar advice last year and, though I might not follow it to the T, I would still like attend a bachelor party with him someday (after I get invited to one) (a girl can wish, right?):

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