Assorted Articles

Communicate Magazine: In Depth on Mipsterz (cover story): Young Folk (cultural analysis)
Communicate Magazine: Shifting Views (Digital Media report)
TimeOut Dubai: Freshly Ground Sounds (Music & Nightlife section)
TimeOut Dubai: Instagram Dubai (Arts section)
TimeOut Dubai: Comic Con: A Complete Guide (Arts section)
TimeOut Dubai: Five Ways to Get Artistic in Dubai (Arts section)
TimeOut Dubai: African nights out in Dubai (Music section)
Toronto Music Scene: Show review on international pianist Gonzales
Toronto Music Scene: Show review on Canadian band Library Voices
Khaleej Times WKND: Beauty: 7 Tips for a special Eid
Hype Magazine: Meet the Boxtones: Dubai-based rock band release their debut album
Arabian Gazette: Pan Arabian Enquirer mocks film censorship in Middle East

Toronto’s Best Latte Art (cafe reviews, best of)
The Buzz: Vdara (restaurant profile)
The Buzz: Osteria Ciceri e Tria (restaurant profile)
The Buzz: LPK’s Culinary Groove (restaurant profile)
Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Toronto (roundup)
Black History Month in Toronto (roundup)
Four Bars, Four Bartenders, Four Jukeboxes (bar reviews)
March Break Activities (roundup)

Canadian Immigrant Magazine:

Canadian Immigrant: Tamil Takeout
Canadian Immigrant: More Than Cows and Oil: Calgary

Spin Magazine TV:

Video/Summary: SPIN Earth:  A lively Gonzo returns to Toronto

GalleryFemme: What to Look for in a Makeup Artist
GalleryFemme: LG Fashion Week 2010: Sanaiya Khan
GalleryFemme: LG Fashion Week 2010: Gaudet
GalleryFemme: Brazen Hussy 2010 Spring Summer Sass

University Press

Shohat talks about being an Arab-Jew
Students rock out to raise funds for tsunami relief
Great Canadian graces Concordia [David Suzuki]
Many colours make a rainbow
Barile sick of mistreatment
Wreaking Havoc: Emotional abuse ruins self-esteem and health
How to be a better eco-student
India’s economic world integration is good, says prof. Mohanty
Ethnic students without representative council